About Mark

Mark Fearnley is a UK-based fine art street photographer who is completely impassioned by photography. He started off working as an interior decorative artist, painting grand houses using various paint effects. His love for art went further and Mark started painting abstract canvases, which in turn led to numerous exhibitions in different galleries around the country. From visiting these galleries and realising that photography uses much the same techniques as art, such as composition and focal point, and with his creative eye, his love for photography was born and this is where you find him today.

As a photographer Mark seeks to visualise a scene before it happens, often waiting to capture a moment that will hopefully then become a great photo. He has an addiction for black and white photography but is also just as at home working with colour.

As an artist, he enjoys experimenting with blur and abstract photography images, and you’ll be able to browse some in his website’s Portfolio. Mood and atmosphere play a big part in his photos. Another signature of Mark’s work is using the human element and negative space to add a narrative dimension: the rest of the storytelling is then left for you to decide for yourself.

Professionally, Mark offers fine art street photography workshops in London and everyone is welcome – from amateurs to professionals, mobile phone to DSLR users. Using a range of DSLRs and specialising in iPhone photography himself, an expert like Mark believes that the best camera you own is the one that you have with you.

Mark is inspired by global photographers such as Fan Ho, Januchi Hakoyama, Daido Moriyamo and Trent Park. In his website, you will find a spectrum of images in his Portfolio of his own travels around the globe showing examples of iPhone and DSLR photography.

If you’d like to see more of Mark’s creative work, you can check out his Instagram and Flickr stream links at the bottom of this page.